For it’s weight and density, wood is one of the strongest materials known to man. Wood is a natural product, therefore each piece is different and unique in depth, richness of texture, and grain patterns. Quality wood furniture provides warmth and creates a rich, elegant ambiance while providing gentle comfort. If it is properly cared for, wood actually increases in value with age and develops it’s own patina or surface appearance of softness and mellowness.


Moderate to severe damage of fine wood furniture requires the assistance of a professional. For simple, everyday wear, try the following remedies:

-Keep furniture away from heating and air conditioning sources to prevent the loss of moisture in the wood.

-Keep out of direct sunlight to avoid the bleaching of the wood.

-Use felt backing on lamps, ashtrays, and accessories to prevent gouging and scratching.

-Always use coasters under hot and cold drinks.

-Always use place mats under plates and hot pads under serving dishes.

-Never set synthetics, rubber, or plastics directly on wood finishes since they may contain chemicals that will damage the finish.

-Do not place newspapers or magazines directly on wood surfaces because the ink will bleed into the finish and eventually damage the wood.