Methods and products are chosen to make repairs permanent, invisible and to return furniture to its original or even better condition.

We do our best to work with customers schedule for utmost convenience, best prices and guaranteed workmanship. Furniture is bulky, it comes in different shapes and sizes, not always easy to transport, also important to mention antique and hardwood items are not good with fast climate, humidity level change and such could cause from warping to cracking, shrinking and expanding, joint separations, making things like wooden slides or tracks not to operate properly, doors or drawers not to close or open right, leather to develop spews, because of those details most repairs and services offered to be done on-site at customers location, and only large complete redo, full re-upholstery, refinishing or complex / unique jobs handled in shop. If furniture requires in-shop work we can certainly arrange pick-up and delivery.

In most cases, we can determine the age of the damaged areas, see if the items were previously repaired, and because we work with so many companies we will be able to assist if there are any known issues, recalls or manufacturer defects on the damaged item, as well as when possible will assist on obtaining parts that may be needed.

We done it all from adhering broken Plexiglas acrylic glass together way that connections transparent, to gilding or oxidizing metals, changing padding type or adding channel tufting, adding protective safety clear films to mirror and glass, refurbishing power control units or adding, installing light fixtures, power automation to beds and recliners, restoring antiques and paintings,  color dyeing leather and vinyl, using fiber fill technology, turning aniline leather to a protected and finished, making leather ink resistant or fabric stain proof, as well as installing, fitting any furniture of any size to any space needed, disassembling – assembling, couch, armoire, headboard to pass through unique and tight stairways, elevators or doorways, basement or attic, customizing shapes and sizes, recreating parts or making damages repaired and restored to unbelievable results and conditions.